Welcome on the page about rare jewels of Eastafrika- Cichlids of Lake Victoria!

The aim of this site is to inform people what are victoriancichlids really like. Some people are spreading bad rumours about this wonderful fish, which are absolutly incorrect.




We are changing the provider! That's because victoriancichlids.de and its subdomains will go offline for a couple of hours or some days. Victoriancichlids.com will be redirected in this time to the Victoriancichlids-Forum Portal.


English Version goes online!

- Chapter "Lake Victoria" will be translated in some days

- "Forum & Chat", "Wallpapers", "Links" are translated in English as well

- "Furu Species" is not translated, the first translation of Astatotilapia cf. astatodon will be available after the next update.

- I thank Ron for his help with the traslations.

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